Acoustic Wall Tiles

Absorb unwanted noise and distractions in style!


From $178.00 to $600.00 (+ GST)

  • Absorb unwanted noise and distractions while giving your space a modern and timeless appearance, as well as a pinnacle display wall.
  • Tiles come standard with no adhesive – simply use an adhesive of your choice and stick to the wall. A few suggestions are: double-sided tape, liquid nails or contact adhesive glue… there would be others.
  • Optional upgrade for Tiles to come ready-to-use with double-sided tape applied.
  • 10 shapes available (each shape 12mm thick):- Puzzle 602x602mm- Triangle 600x600mm- Rectangle 1200x600mm- Half Rectangle 1200x300mm- Square 600x600mm- Circle 600mm dia- Hexagon 600x519mm- Parallelogram 600x600mm- Diamond 450x300mm- Pentagon 576x553mm
  • 12 colours available – Alabaster, Blaze, Foundry, Desert, Bullseye, Pistachio, Mantis Green, Blackout, Ice White, Blueberry, Ochre, Trojan
  • Each shape supplied in packs of 4; all one colour Puzzle / Short Rectangle / Square / Circle / Hexagon
Guaranteed for 5 years This product comes with in a choice of colours This product is in stock This product has a kitset assembly surcharge

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