Kauri Flats School, Auckland


520 Students


Focus Chair, Industry Stool, Mata Stool, Buddy Tables, Buddy Sit-on Storage Trolley, Smart Tray Storage Units, Teacher Stand-up Storage Units, Unity Mobile Whiteboard, AB1 & AT1 Units, Flip Tables

We recently finished a project6 with Kauri Flats School in Takanini, Auckland. We checked back in with the principal to see how the project has turned out for him, his staff, and the students.

What made your school decide to go with class*?

For us, it was down to communication, knowledge and a ‘want’ to understand our needs and how class* can best support these as well as the personability of the staff we worked alongside. 

Yes, understandably, companies are in the market to make money, but having worked alongside class*, we knew we were going to get value for money.

What were your expectations of the new furniture and how does it meet them?

We’d used class* previously for smaller purchases and knew all about their reliability and quality at a competitive price of what we would receive; this ensured it was a no-brainer for us to bulk purchase for our new buildings

How has having the new furniture impacted on students and staff?

Over the years being in an ILE we have learned a great deal as to what furniture supports learning and what is a real hindrance to the needs of both the students and staff. 

Prior to ordering and engaging with class*, we audited our staff, students and community to ensure what we ordered was conducive to learning and not a purchase to ‘look flash in a new building!’

Was there one thing that really made class* stand out?

The support, personability, responsiveness, and relationship class* has built with our school and the consistent check-ins throughout the year to make sure things are still up to the high standard we expect!

For over 25 years, we’ve worked together with schools all around New Zealand and further afield, asking the right questions to ensure that the furniture choices made will deliver against their particular needs.

Our experienced reps will work with you to get the right result, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Give us a call today and discover why more and more schools are working with class*.

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