Future-Proof Furniture Solutions

Let’s be clever Kiwis together!

We’re always exploring new ways to improve educational environments. Be it through new products or adaptations and changes to existing ones, we’re always looking for better ways to do things. As it’s not just about buying furniture; it’s about creating a better space for kids to learn and teachers to teach in. To achieve this for you, we use our 25+ years’ experience in designing and sourcing future-proof classroom and admin furniture that works.

Wherever possible, all our furniture is designed, constructed and assembled in New Zealand. Plus almost everything we sell uses sustainable recyclable materials – it’s not just the learning environment we care about!

When you start a conversation with us, you’ll find that we ask questions long before we talk products. What outcome are you after, what type of environment are you aiming to achieve, how involved is the local community in this project, what’s your time scale, things like that.

It’s only once we have that information that we’ll start to recommend the products to deliver the best Future-Proof furniture solution for your school.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The class* One Planet Policy is quite simple:

Any product you buy from us is made using sustainably managed material. Your school can also opt in to our Future-Proof Programme and help class* help the environment.

When making a purchase, just ask us to register you and your new products, in our Future-Proof Programme, and when you no longer want the product, class* will collect these items in CKD form, at no charge to yourself, and either:

  • Donate it to a recognized charitable organisation to extend its life or
  • If the item is unsalvageable, dismantle it, separate it by material and send it on to approved recyclers.

Helping the planet by saving trees too

All of our catalogues, brochures, how-to booklets and helpful guides are available on our website – just pop online, download the items you want and selectively print out the pages you need.

If you do want printed copies, we’ll gladly supply them. Just email or call our Head Office and we’ll get them away to you in the next post.

Got a question? We’re always happy to help