When it comes to making the most of the space in any teaching area, it’s hard to beat a teacher wall. And when it comes to teacher walls, it’s really hard head to beat the range of options the class* Smart Teacher Wall offers you!

For a start, Smart is New Zealand’s most cost-effective teacher wall, offering you several choices of storage and heaps of whiteboard space. Behind the sliding whiteboards, there are 3 tiers of bookshelf storage.  To keep things simple, all units are 2150mm high x 420mm in depth, and we offer you widths of 2440, 3240, 3640 and 4840mm. In standard charcoal and grey colours, you get exceptionally good value.

Should you want to zing things up a little colour wise, you can opt for more than 20 cost-effective colour options too!

Our premium Buddy Teacher Wall is the really easy “you choose” option: in 6 widths, from 1800 to 4800mm and with 29 cool colours to choose from, these walls also come with 2 high-quality porcelain whiteboards as standard, with 3-tier bookcase storage behind them.

The base of each unit comes standard with open 2-tier bookcase storage, or you can select from any of the 12 base storage options we have; these include cubby holes, bin and tote tray units, drawers, Gratnell trays, pigeon holes and double cupboards – and you can add locks to drawers and cupboards too – customize to your heart’s content!

Starting from just $3224+GST, all prices include freight to your school but not assembly. If you’d like to have onsite installation taken care of too, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out prices!

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