Looking for a fun, practical way to add colour to a learning space, stop kids fidgeting and help them learn better? The Wobble Stool encourages movement while seated, and allow users to rock, tilt and lean while they sit – nothing like the rigid and traditional seating once used in all schools!

While this may sound counter-intuitive, studies show that movement is essential for a child’s development and health. When kids move around, it stimulates their brain and improves both cognitive and motor skills. You can read more about on the topic here, and watch this really interesting TED Talk about the real reasons kids fidget (it only takes a few minutes).

The wobble stool class* sells nails all of these requirements: It has a really generous, comfortable, contoured rubber seat of 325mm dia., and is height adjustable from 400 to 560mm, making it suitable for all ages and sizes.

What’s more, it’s light enough to easily be moved around, making it an even more flexible seating option for your school.

With a tough polypropylene shell on a rounded 340mm base, it’s available in 3 bright, uplifting colours.

And saving the best for last, when you purchase 10 stools or more, you save – don’t forget that all our prices include freight to schools in main centres*!

You can buy your school wobble stools right here, right now!

*Rural schools may attract a surcharge, and all orders under $500 have a $40 “pick and pack” handling fee.

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