Everyone at every school needs a desk from time to time – teachers, students and admin. And we keep a full range of desks to meet every purpose.

From electric models that go from standing desks and back to sitting height at the flick of a switch to computer desks, study desks, corner desks, reception desks, drawing desks, student desks, folding desks for exams, desks that have storage – desks for everyone and everything!

For a start, the benefits of standing at a desk are widely known these days. According to Healthline, too much sitting is “seriously bad for your health”, and to describe 7 main benefits of a desk you are able to put into a standing position. These are:

  1. Lowering the risk of weight gain and obesity
  2. Lowering of blood sugar levels
  3. Lowering the risk of heart disease
  4. Reducing back pain
  5. Improving mood and energy levels
  6. Boosting productivity
  7. May even help you live longer!

Find out more about your choice of height adjustable desks here.

Our comprehensive offering of student desks offers so many options it’s hard to know where to begin. They’re available in a range of over 18+ colours as well as a choice of 3 wood finishes, and we also stock the very popular folding desk for exams – which goes from flat to functional in a matter of seconds.

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