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Mt Maunganui College


1500 Students


Long-time customer

Mt Maunganui College in the Bay of Plenty is a long-term class* customer, buying hard-working Buddy desks and student chairs as well as administrative furniture and other items as and when needed. We asked the College’s Jeff Beattie what he liked about doing business with class*:

Why class* over any other supplier?

We rely on class* for robust, quality furniture at a reasonable price, and that’s what we get.  

Did you achieve the outcome you were after?

First and foremost, we wanted the students to be comfortable. Then we wanted them to feel a sense of ownership for the areas they learn in. We’ve achieved both these goals by working with class*.

One thing that really makes class* stand out?

We’ve used class* for a while now, and we know what to expect. class* is a good company to deal with, has a great selection of quality product, and gives us very good service.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I have no problem finding what I need when I deal with class*.


  • Students more comfortable in their learning space, and research shows that comfortable students fidget less and learn more.
  • Students have a sense of ownership about the areas they learn in
  • Mt Maunganui College gets exactly what they’re after – robust, quality furniture at a reasonable price.

For over 25 years, class* has worked with schools around New Zealand (and further afield), helping them make the right choices for their particular needs. Our reps work with you to get the result your school is after, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Give us a call today and try the class* difference for yourself.

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