Papamoa College, Tauranga


1600 Students


Ottomans, Screens, Tables, Chairs, Stools, Storage

We worked alongside Papamoa College to furnish classrooms, staffroom and the library, and asked the Property & Development Director about his thoughts on how the project had gone:

What really stood out about working with class*?

I was super-impressed with how quickly class* grasped our vision and provided solutions for the new spaces.  Working from what would meet our needs in the spaces, we quickly moved to colour palettes, fabrics and textures, and ended up with finalised plans in a fairly short time frame.

How did the class* product range help you achieve your goals?

One challenge was to create learning hubs within an open plan environment, where students were not distracted by what others were doing in the same space, whilst giving us the flexibility to adapt the layout for different purposes.  Working closely with class*, we developed unique slatted room dividers bookended by cupboard and planter boxes, which achieved our three goals of providing a visual barrier, additional resource space, and softening of the area with plants.  We also chose a mixture of Pie, Isometric and Rectangle tables to enable our teachers to create settings which suited their style within these environments.  

With our staffroom, we wanted to create a sanctuary for our staff that felt distinct to the learning areas.  class* was able to create private nooks using soft furnishings from the Space ottoman range, relaxed settings with Treviso lounge chairs, and traditional meeting and reflective spaces using café- style table settings. 

Another significant challenge for us was developing a modern library environment that incorporated large group spaces, small group working areas, technology rich areas and traditional library shelving.  Through working closely with class* through multiple iterations, we settled on a plan using bespoke shelving units, soft seating from the Space range, small work group table settings and other unique features that created a fantastic modern library space.

Would you recommend class* to other schools?

It has been a pleasure working togetherto bring our vision of a modern learning environment to fruition. Will and the class* team made this such an enjoyable experience that I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!

For over 3 decades class* has worked with schools just like yours throughout New Zealand, helping them make the right choices for their new or refurbished spaces, and get the results they want.

Our reps and design team work tirelessly with you to get the result your school is after, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes squad will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

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