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Waimea Intermediate School, Tasman


670 Students


Various School Furniture

Tasman’s Waimea Intermediate School got directly in touch with class* to purchase various items for use across the whole school from classrooms to admin. Principal Justine McDonald answered a few questions about the experience and results:

So Justine, what made you decide class* was the right furniture supplier for your school?

We wanted a hands-on approach with a supplier who was able to listen to our needs, see the space we were wanting furniture for and provide options that we may not have considered without their input.

Did Waimea Intermediate achieve the outcome it wanted?

There’s an upgraded more modern look that the teachers and students are proud of and respect. It has given everyone a new lease of life!

What ultimately swung your decision the way of class*?

Their follow-up to our enquiry was fast and their responses to any further questions we had really impressed us.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We’ll always contact class* when we’re purchasing furniture because we can rely on them for honest feedback about what we’re considering and they provide other options for us to think about.


  • Both teachers and students are enthusiastic about the new furniture.
  • A modern, upgraded feel that has garnered pride and respect.
  • A customer who recognises the value of input and advice rather than just the selling of furniture – a real win-win outcome.

For over 25 years, class* has worked with schools around New Zealand (and further afield), helping them make the right choices for their particular needs. Our reps work with you to get the result your school is after, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Give us a call today and try the class* difference for yourself.

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