Whanganui Girls’ College, Whanganui


330 Students


Teacher Walls, Titan Chairs, Buddy Fixed Top Desks, Teacher’s Desks & Chairs

class* recently worked with Whanganui Girl’s College in our capacity as an All of Government approved supplier. We asked them a few questions about the project:

How did you find out about the class*AoG scheme?

I researched the suppliers approved on AoG via the procurement website and contacted all panel listed suppliers as well as some outside AoG to do comparative pricing when we had our procurement come up for the ILE classroom upgrades.

What benefits did the class* AoG scheme deliver to your school?

As AoG they had competitive prices and were very responsive to all queries. I knew from AoG listing that they adhered to other procurement strategy goals such as sustainability; adhering to government procurement principles & contract standardisation.

How important were the Broader Outcomes of the AoG scheme to your school?

While the Broader Outcomes are really good to know about, overall getting the best deal was most important as the school has limited resources & are expected to deliver on a lot of budget approved goals and projects.

Would you recommend the scheme to other schools?

I would recommend class* to other schools!

Happily, class* was able to price match on the one item I raised with them where we sourced lower in corporate – the fact that they were willing to negotiate and meet us half way counted a lot towards awarding the final project to them – once they are approved suppliers it’s great to know they will give the school the best deal going forward as we build the relationship! 

What would you tell another school that was considering class*?

Great service and everything that was communicated happened – it was a pleasure to deal with a supplier that stuck to what they promised and delivered on time!

class* is the only 100% dedicated school furniture specialist on the All of Government (AoG) Fitouts and Commodities list. More and more schools are approaching us to find out how these special AoG discount rates – which apply to any school signed up to the AoG Workplace & Classroom Furniture Contract – work for them.

The AoG Scheme’s “Broader Outcomes” also mean that class* is a great choice to ensure your school is doing what it can for the environment furniture-wise. Read more about these criteria in the About Us section of this site.

Our reps work with you to get the result your school is after, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Get in touch today and see what class* can do for your school.

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