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Magnetic Glassboards

PRICE: $189.00$784.00 Incl Freight. Excl GST.

White Glassboard
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  • Modern, strong and durable
  • 25 year surface guarantee
  • 4mm toughened safety glass, Magnetic
  • Each Glassboard comes with 2 x super strong magnets and a clear acrylic pen shelf (attaches to back of glass) - can upgrade to glass pen shelf (please enquire for pricing)
  • Includes edge mount fixings which can mount anywhere along the edges and holds the glassboard slightly out from the wall
  • Standard colours - White and Black (Red, Green and Blue available in limited sizes - please enquire for pricing)
  • Use normal whiteboard markers on White Glassboards
  • Black glass board comes with 1 set of 4 Dry-Erase Chalk Markers
  • Standard sizes and colours available - please enquire if custom size required:
    • 600 x 900mm - White and Black available
    • 600 x 1200mm - Black only
    • 900 x 1200mm - White only
    • 900 x 1500mm - White only
    • 1000 x 1200mm - Black only
    • 1000 x 1800mm - White and Black available
    • 1000 x 2100mm - White only
    • 1000 x 2400mm - White only
  • Non-magnetic Glassboards also available

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