Ahutoetoe School, Auckland


150 Students


Pedestal Boardroom Table, Vision Chairs, Teacher Stand-up Storage Units, Focus Chairs, Fiesta Leaner, Bistro Stools, Opal Pedestal Table, Fiesta Coffee Table, Criss Cross Coffee Table

class* recently completed a project with Ahutoetoe School – a new kura /school which opened in Milldale, North Auckland in February 2023. We followed up with a few questions to find out how their class* experience went:

“The sales team, the website, the communication, as well as the updates and check-ins during and after delivery were very well managed.”

Lot of furniture suppliers out there! What made your school decide on class*?

We chose class* because of their appropriately priced, quality furniture and their competitive prices compared with other furniture companies. We also had the opportunity to negotiate price, as well as the ability to customise furniture orders in terms of colour and other features. Lastly, but just as importantly- the speed of communications between the class* team and us.

What were your expectations of the new furniture and were your expectation met?

The usual expectations I suppose! Firstly, that the furniture is in pristine condition on arrival. Then, that it offers suitable comfort and utility, and that it’s sturdy and safe. Our experience was that all these expectations were met very well. 

How has having the new furniture impacted on students and staff?

Our staff enjoy the colour scheme, comfort and effectiveness of the furniture we have chosen. It is functional and their feedback is that it meets their needs perfectly.

Was there one thing that really made class* stand out?

What really stands out from our experience with class* would be that the operation is run incredibly well, which makes for a smooth experience for us as customers. The sales team, the website, the communication, as well as the updates and check-ins during and after delivery were very well managed. The products themselves are of high quality and our experience as a whole was very positive!

For over 25 years, we’ve worked together with schools all around New Zealand and further afield, asking the right questions to ensure that the furniture choices made will deliver against their particular needs.

Our experienced reps will work with you to get the right result, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Give us a call today and discover why more and more schools are working with class*.

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