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Riverview School, Kerikeri


500 Students


Long-Term Customer

Deputy Principal Alison Ayr of Riverview School answers a few questions about why her school decided to shop with class*

What made Riverview School decide to purchase from class*?

Great service and competitive pricing would be the two main factors; excellent, durable products – and a good range of them – would be the others. 

What were your expectations of the furniture and how did it meet them?

Our expectations have been exceeded.  Our first bulk purchase of furniture looks as good as the day it was bought. Overall, the furniture has weathered really well.

How has having the new furniture impacted on students learning-wise (i.e. they fidget less, interact with each other more, interact with the teacher more)?

The furniture enables the students to decide what suits their needs for each particular activity – they are not locked into having to sit in the same place day in and day out; it allows them options. This enables collaboration between learners in an equitable way. The students are not locked into one place to sit for the entire day, week, or term. 

Was there one thing that really made class* stand out?

Only one?!!  I’ve got two: quality AND value.

For over 25 years, class* has worked with schools around New Zealand (and further afield), helping them make the right choices for their particular needs. Our reps work with you to get the result your school is after, while our friendly and efficient behind the scenes team will keep you in the loop regarding delivery and timings.

Give us a call today and try the class* difference for yourself.

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